Hello, world!

Welcome! 👋 I’m Matt Tucker, Fountain’s CTO. I recently joined the company via the acquisition of my latest startup Koan ( ), and I’m thrilled to be here for (1) our mission around creating compelling technology for the benefit of hourly workers; (2) the opportunity we have in building a great company and engineering culture as we continue to very rapidly grow. This blog is a place to share our work: what we’re building, what we’ve learned, and how we work together as Fountain Engineering. Why high-volume hiring? Why now? The Great Resignation represents a sea change for hourly work. Though the immediate hiring crunch has deep roots in  past labor practices , the relationship between employers and the workforce  is irrevocably changed . Hiring qualified employees was always a slow process; now, some companies are simply exhausting the pool of  workers to hire . The present state is a classic impedance mismatch, with rigid, drawn-out hiring processes crashing head first into mod